Darkness to Light: Doctrines of Faith 4 | Shaykh Waleed Basyouni

Centuries have passed since the death of the Prophet (S) and his Companions. Many empires have come and gone.

Yet as time has passed, Muslims have found comfort in the promise of the Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wa salam. They would not go astray if they held fast to two things- the Qur’an and his Sunnah. The gift of Prophetic guidance was that it would last – so long as they held firm to it.

“I have left behind me two things, if you cling to them you will never go astray. They are the Book of Allah and my Sunnah” – al-Haakim

But, what does it really mean to follow and understand the Sunnah?

What is the reality of imān; its increase and decrease; the necessary requirement of actions being a part of iman?

The reality of kufr; the dangers of and rulings pertaining to takfīr. The concept of al-jamāʿa, Sunnah and bidʿah; status of Companions.

Side step the arguments and unqualified theological debates by developing a holistic perspective that only true understanding (fiqh) can provide.This seminar will discuss:

  • The concept of Iman: its levels and rulings
  • The rights and responsibilities of believers towards one another and their respective Muslim and non-Muslim communities
  • The concept of establishing the Prophet’s Sunnah
  • Roots of innovation in the religion
  • The exact meaning of Ahlul-Sunnah wal-Jama’ah
  • Categories of belief and disbelief
  • Historical roots of heresy

By the end of this seminar you will be able to:

  • Examine the authentic sources from which Muslims derive knowledge about our beloved Prophet’s Sunnah (peace be upon him)
  • Understand the true causes of heresies throughout Islamic history
  • Comprehend the historical disagreements and fitnahs between the companions, and the subsequent implications on our beliefs
  • Establish a firm grip on the meaning of the “middle path” and the ways in which you can adhere to it
  • Embody the true meaning of Iman and all that it entails


Shaykh Waleed Basyouni, PhD, is Vice President of AlMaghrib Institute and Head of our Islamic Theology and Ethics Department. Students know him well for his sincere care for their well-being and progress in study. We see Shaykh Waleed as not just our senior scholar, but one of the most important leaders of the da‘wah in the West.

He graduated with a Bachelor in Islamic Sciences from Al-Imam Muhammad University (KSA), did his Master’s in Islamic Theology, World Religions and Modern Religious Sects from Al-Imam Muhammad University, and achieved a Doctorate in Theology from the Graduate Theological Foundation in Indiana.

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni has made numerous appearances in media around the world including Al-Huda Channel, Islam Channel & Peace TV. He is an Imām, and active member of a number of Islamic organizations and Islamic Societies such as NAIF, and is a Director of the Texas Da‘wah Convention. Shaykh Waleed also gives fatwa as a member of the American Muslim Jurists Association (AMJA).