BRAND NEW CLASS – No Doubt: God, Religion and Politics in the Modern World

God, Religion and Politics in the Modern World

with Shaykh Yasir Qadhi

Can’t help but think you are losing your religion?How do we know there is a Creator? How do we deal with “The Other”? What is the actual authenticity of “our” own version of “Western Islam”? We can maybe understand it with Christianity and other faiths but how do we stop so many people from leaving the practice of Islam, the “Religion of Truth”?Finally, with not only AlMaghrib Institute’s very newest class, but what also promises to be one of its flagship classes, we are delighted to at last bring to the table something to change the game – “No Doubt: God, Religion and Politics in the Modern World”.

Join probably the most qualified and well-positioned scholars to deal with this subject – Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi – in this single-weekend seminar which will delve into the crux of our identity and all those factors that confuse it. Using his immense experience and unique background of marrying academia and theology, both the old and the new, he will bring understanding and confidence whilst being faithful to the tradition.

It’s all fun and interesting to study classical theology, but at the end of the day those historical controversies are not the questions that are being discussed on campuses and social gatherings today. This class aims to tackle some of the most difficult and controversial topics head on, whether the rise of militant atheism, or the evolution issue, the existence of evil, political allegiances, rebellion against dictators, secular feminism, the conflict between citizenship and the support for armed forces pressing forwards with their own agenda regardless, and just so much more.

We are all worried of what the future holds for us, but after this class, at least there will be no more doubts…