New Class – His Majesty: Unlocking the Names of Allah with Sh. Ammar Al-Shukry

March 24-26 at the Crowne Plaza Lombard Downers Grove at 1250 Roosevelt Road, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

If you have the audience of HIS MAJESTY what grievance would you bring to His court?

To unlock the Beautiful Names of Allah is to start a conversation one-on-one. When you know WHO you’re speaking to, your conversation changes.

What does it mean to UNLOCK A NAME OF ALLAH?

Not only do you have the backing of the King of Kings…you begin to embody these Names & Attributes within yourself.

While there are Names exclusive to Allah, there are so many more that can be practiced as inspiration. The Prophet ﷺ did this the best.

When you are inspired to show more compassion, love, and mercy, you become a better person…firstly for yourself, then for your family and a greater contributor to society

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What this seminar will do for you:

  • Come closer to Allah at a personal and intimate level
  • Increase your attachment to your Creator
  • Power your life through an everlasting battery
  • Behave in accordance to His Beautiful Names
  • Recall a Name of Allah in each scenario of your day
  • Seek comfort in the Names of Allah at the face of life challenges
  • Find the strength to overcome your weaknesses and temptations
  • Remove any doubts about the existence or nature of Allah

Suddenly, everything that is happening to you and to the world will make sense!

UNLOCK THE NAMES OF ALLAH and start your ONE-ON-ONE conversation now. Register today!