New Class – Homecoming: The Madinan Seerah with Shaykh Abdulbary Yahya



The entire city gathered at the outskirts – children, women & men – exhilarated, breathless, nervous, anticipating the Prophet’s (pbuh) homecoming in the City of Madinah.

What if you too welcomed the Prophet back into your life?

This time, deeply human & personal, no longer a distant story. This was the man who transformed warring tribes into a single nation of light. Imagine what he could do for your heart!

The most underappreciated element of his life…

…is that he was human, and engaged with fallible people. Not superheroes, legends or mythical creatures. He (pbuh) dealt with real-world issues: marriages, divorce, racism, sexism, abuse, crime, disputes, and grievances of all kinds between both Muslims and non-Muslims.

This is NOT a Seerah class!

This is a transformational EVENT aimed at unlocking your CRITICAL THINKING to relive and revive the Prophet’s legacy. Freely ask about any contentious issue such as the wisdoms behind his marriages, battles, and aspects of Shariah.

Shaykh Abdulbary Yahya is known as the most laid back, easy-going instructor in the AlMaghrib line-up. Shaykh Abdulbary is often used as the example for patience at its best, and is famous for his personal funny experiences that he uses wittingly to teach and help you remember an Islamic concept. Having attained his Islamic Sciences education in the City of the Prophet and with over 8 years teaching Seerah at an advanced level, Shaykh Abdulbary is uniquely positioned to light up the Seerah in your life.