…The Story You Thought You Knew, Retold From the Eyes of Abu Bakr & Umar

The world knows who they became,
but not how they got there

Two great men raised in the shade of the Prophet ﷺ. To us, they were incredible role models,never pausing to think: they were just like us. Personal imperfections. They made mistakes and experienced disappointment.Cried, got angry, and faced defeat.

So what’s the real story behind the greatness?

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Meet Shaykh Hasib Noor

Shaykh Hasib Noor hails from Afghan heritage, grew up in the US, & studied at the College of Islamic Law in the University of Madinah, following undergraduate study in the U.S, with a major in Pre-Med and a minor in Psychology.

His journey in seeking traditional knowledge started in the U.S. while in high school & college. He continued to pursue his studies in the City of The Prophet (peace be upon him) under the tutelage of over 50 of the scholars of Madinah.

With over 10 years experience in working with different organizations at the local & national level, he has held positions as a board member of many organizations, masajid and as khatib. He is the founder of a research foundation & dedicates his time in study & research in Madinah where he currently resides with his wife.