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You fast and pay Zakāh every year and you never had to take a class about it. So why now?

Aah, there’s little doubt that you practice the pillars of Islam, but are you practicing them correctly? Do you even understand the principles and rulings behind these great actions of worship or do you just follow the crowd and whatever Google says?

We guarantee that you will be astonished when you see the depth to what you just thought was not eating, drinking and enjoying yourself during Ramadhan, and what you thought was just paying 2.5% of your wealth to the relative you’ve never met back in the village your parents were born.

Student Testimonials

“I have to say the Sheikh Waleed Basyouni did a wonderful job explaining the fiqh of zakat and fasting.”
Abduallah Marte, New York City

“I’ve never understood the importance of Zakah, even though it’s from the 5 pillars, until I took this seminar. I can’t emphasis its importance enough, so you don’t want to miss out this!”
Warda Hamza, Bradford

“Being in the presence of such an inspirational, humorous, and intelligent sheikh as Waleed Basyouni, is something I truly grateful for.”
Sumaya Shanle, Seattle