Youssef Hedroug wins the Beautiful Patience iPad

The winner of the Beautiful Patience quiz contest for an Apple iPad is Youssef Hedroug! Congratulations!

Is it a coincidence that his name is the same as the Surah? 🙂

The Prize

Youssef will be receiving an Apple iPad, the magical product that’s popping up everywhere on trains, planes, and in hipster coffee shops.

Apple iPad

The iPad is a revolutionary breakthrough in portable computing, offering a variety of features and the power of Apple’s acclaimed combination of hardware and software power.

Background of Contest

At the 47th Annual ISNA Convention, the AlMaghrib Institute booth had a contest giving away an Apple iPad.

To enter, contestants had to take a 16 question quiz on Surah Yusuf in light of Qabeelat Wasat’s upcoming seminar, Beautiful Patience: Tafsir Surah Yusuf taught by AbdulBary Yahya.

Selection Process

Quizzes with the highest scores would qualify for a random selection of a winner. Fifteen contestants received a perfect score on the quiz.

  • Tayyibah Ahmad
  • Abrar Ahmed
  • Mir Rizwan Ali
  • Dima Bitar
  • Ameer Hamza
  • Youssef Hedroug
  • Zaynab Hedroug
  • Nazirah Mohammed Khairi
  • Shafi Lodhi
  • Mohamed Mohamed
  • Omar Osman
  • Adil Saeed
  • Zakariah Shaji
  • Osman Siddique
  • Sameh Syed

Each contestant was randomly assigned a number, 1 through 15, and a winner was selected by selecting a number using the True Random Number Generator at

Youssef Hedroug was selected as the winner.

The Quiz

Want to take a stab at the quiz, or took it at ISNA and didn’t receive a perfect score? Try taking it here. Answers with explanation will be shown after completing the quiz.

JazakAllah khair to all those who participated.


Don’t forget to register for the ultimate summer blockbuster, Beautiful Patience: Tafsir Surah Yusuf taught by AbdulBary Yahya, this July 30th – Aug 1st.

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