Yaser Birjas Delivers Eid Al-Adha 1429 Khutbah for Orland Park Community

yaser_birjas_eid-ul-adha_1429_oppc.jpgEid is quite a family affair. It can be both straining and delightful for parents and children. Sometimes in the effort to make this Eid “just right,” parents end up barking at their children, children whine and cry and everyone is in a rush to be on time for the Eid Salat. Families lose sight of the beauty of this time because they get lost in technicalities, and forget the true family spirit behind this blessed holiday.

Above all else, this khutba was a celebration of the relationship between parent and child. With examples from the Quran and Sunnah, we are exposed to the raw emotions of parenthood- the extreme love, mercy, and deep connection the prophets had with their children- and are given an awakening.

We are reminded that our children are a blessing for us, a gift from Allah, that should soften our hearts and bring ease to our eyes. What greater mercy do we find in our immediate surroundings than this love? Many parents lose sight of this, and don’t spend quality time with their children, or allow that love to truly take root in their lives, and course through the inner boundaries of their hearts.

In the background of this beautiful reminder, I had a chance to see this love in action. Watching my friends hold their children back from running around, caress them, play with them, cradle them in their arms and laps, and stare deeply into their eyes- all while wondering if they shouldn’t have left their child-leash at home, so as not to panic while keeping them close during prayer. šŸ˜‰

May Allah grant us all the opportunity to experience this love to its greatest extent, and make is a means for the pleasure of our Lord, and not a wrath.

[audio:http://wasatstudios.com/audio/yaser_birjas_eid-ul-adha_khutbah_1429_OPPC.mp3] [Download – 25 mins – 40.4MB]

JazakAllah khair to the brothers and sister at OPPC who helped organize this Eid and provided us with the recording!

Taha Ahsan