Waleed Basyouni on The Deen Show

Sunday night after class officially ended for The Rays of Faith, Shaykh Waleed went from the Holiday Inn Select in Naperville, IL drove all the way to the north side of Chicago to film an episode of The Deen Show. With Chicago’s very own brother Eddie, an AlMaghrib Institute student himself, Shaykh Waleed has a half hour long show just for you.

Sit back and enjoy. 🙂

Taha Ahsan


  1. Loved it! Neva knew about those conspiracies.. SubhanAllaah!, it was overwhelming to see Br. William accept Islam!

  2. I watch and love the deen show every week, but i dont like the whole conspiracy theory thing…the evidence is very very weak (in my opinion) that it was a conspiracy. Was the Bush administration’s actions fishy (lying), absolutely! but that doesn’t mean they did it.

  3. Salaam brothers & srietss in Malaysia,This is indeed great news:-) Masha Allah,, May Allah swt shower you with his nehma for your efforts & ultimate success in the duniya & akhira ,, Shaikh Riad Quarzazi, is absolutely a brilliant teacher, Masha allah,, so dynamic ( just my favourite) Please dont miss the opportunity to be taught by his unique style ,, Go for it, Insha Allah

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