Two Blockbusters In Summer 2009

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This summer… Two institutes… Two instructors… Two weekends… Two spectacular seminars… One amazing summer! From the producers of Bayyinah Institute and AlMaghrib Institute come Meaningful Prayer and Torch Bearers! Coming to Chicago July 17-19 and August 7-9.

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Cheesy intros aside, summer of 2009 is a big one for Chicago because we have two blockbuster one-weekend seminars for you to take.

Meaningful Prayer July 17-19 (Bayyinah Institute)

Topic: Vocabulary of Salah (know what you’re saying)
Instructor: AbdulNasir Jangda (bio)
Dates: July 17-19 (one-weekend)
Location: Islamic Foundation – Villa Park, IL (map)
Tuition: $85

This is the first class Chicago will be getting from the super popular Bayyinah Institute, the officially Arabic partner of AlMaghrib Institute. The perfect class to take before Ramadan, to energize your Salah and pray like you’ve never prayed before! Can’t miss this one.


Torch Bearers Aug 7-9 (AlMaghrib Institute)

Topic: Scholars of Islam
Instructor: Waleed Basyouni
Dates: August 7-9 (one-weekend)
Location: To be announced
Tuition: $85 (financial aid available here)

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni, aka “The WB”, is back in Chicago this August! And he’s going to be teaching one of the most exciting courses offered by AlMaghrib Institute, Torch Bearers! What life changing lessons from the lives of scholars of Islam have made this class so popular all over North America? Find out this August at Torch Bearers. 🙂

More Info:

Hope to see you at both of these awesome seminars!

Taha Ahsan