The Shepherds Path Registration Table at BenMSA Jummah


Mmmmmm! Nothing like yummy, frothy, steamy, creamy hot chocolate to warm up a cold, snowy January day.

Today we hit up Benedictine University MSA’s Jummah with a registration table for The Shepherd’s Path. Now, sure we were there to inform all our favorite BU brothers and sisters about the upcoming seminar of amazingness, The Shepherd’s Path, an entire two weekends spent learning about the life of the Prophet (SAW). But at the same time, we provided Jummah attendees with more than just an invitation to a super EmanRush. 😛


Like we had done at IFS a few weeks back, we hooked up a perculator for some fine hot chocolate to go with our registration table for the upcoming seminar, The Shepherd’s Path.


The sisters got their share, too. With the help of Br. Hamza Abdul Majeed, we passed some cups (and fliers, of course) from the back corner through the end of the pardah to sisters thirsty for a cup of joy.


The hot chocolate tasted great, I must admit. It was GFS brand, but don’t get it twisted. It was solid. Props to the volunteers who came up with such a slick idea. Who’s gonna resist a nice warm cup of H-Cizzle? Just look at these happy Qabeelat Wasat volunteers!


Just wanted to say jazaakumAllahu khairun to the MSA of Benedictine University for hookin’ up the space in the back for our registration table and hot chocolate stand. May Allah (SWT) continue to strengthen their MSA and make their work a means of Jannah for them all.


Hope to see you Benedictine MSA-ers at The Shepherd’s Path. It’s gonna be awesome inshaAllah!

Taha Ahsan

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