The Rays of Cake

It was Thursday night in between the two weekends of Rays of Faith and my wife, a teacher at an Islamic school, didn’t have much grading to do. So to get hyped up for the second weekend of class, I decided to make a cake with her help for the instructor, Shaykh Waleed Basyouni, for when he came into town the next night.

After all, the hotel venue where both his room and the class was being held was less than two miles from my house, and with my wife’s help taking some cake over to him when he arrived Friday evening would be a piece of cake (self-obliged pun, there, btw).

My wife helped me pick all the necessary ingredients. French vanilla cake mix, because I was feeling white cake. Whipped vanilla frosting, to give a lighter feel and taste. Even gel frosting decoration tubes, to make the design match the Rays of Faith artwork. Don’t worry, I checked for gelatin on the gel tubes.

After I baked the cake, first order of business was getting a base of blue frosting. My mom had blue food coloring, and I added a few drops to the frosting to blue-ify it. I kept adding and adding drops, and it wouldn’t get past a baby blue color. Finally, I unleashed a dozen squirts and got it to be a bit darker and my wife frosted the cake.

Then came the art work. First the AlMaghrib logo and the pot for the leaves. I used purple for the pot because there was no brown.

Next, the leaves in green. My wife corrected my gloppy mistakes with a toothpick.

Some yellow Rays of Faith.

Any finally, the type logo for The Rays of Faith. We went from FAITH upwards, and thought if we ran out we’d have to make it “Da” Rays of Faith. Didn’t have to resort to that, thankfully.

And here it is, all ready and complete.

I later took it over to the Shaykh’s hotel, had some Rosati’s pizza with the brothers who brought him and served the cake. Was it good? Ask Shaykh Waleed, he seemed to liked it, alhumdulillah!

So will this “Rays of Cake” set a new precedent for AlMaghrib Ameers, requiring them to have culinary skills, or at the minimum, a semi steady hand to draw on cakes? Maybe not. What should be a requirement, however, is being hyped up for your Qabeelat’s class. Because when you yourself are pumped, the rest of the volunteers and class feels it, too, and that’s really important to have a great class experience.

Even if it’s something as simple as baking a cake.

Taha Ahsan


  1. sounds like our Death By Chocolate night with YQ. Good job on the cake, you two!

    Sorry we all got off topic on the chieftains list, but what do ya expect? 😛

  2. It looks like you put a flier in your fridge at night and came in the morning and found a cake in it’s place.

  3. Cute idea.. ! i honestly had to enlarge the pic though to see where the cake was under all that frosting..

  4. Awesome MashaAllah
    Can’t wait until the BAKING CONTEST!!!

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