Suhaib Webb comes to Chicago for MAS Youth Ramadan Revival

sdw_masyouth_chi_aug2008_02.JPG2008 seems to have seen its fair share of AlMaghrib Institute instructors coming to Chicago. First in January came AbdulBary Yahya for The Shepherd’s Path, followed by Yasir Qadhi in March for an orientalist conference he spoke at, followed by AbdulBary coming again for Loyola MSA’s IAW dinner, followed by YQ again for Light Upon Light, followed by YQ yet again with Imam Suhaib Webb for Sacred Scrolls. This weekend, Imam Suhaib came to the Windy City once more during this 2008 visit to the states for a weekend of events held by MAS Youth.

First was a Friday khutbah at Des Plaines masjid, ICCD. It was a solid khutbah, mashaAllah. He spoke about how in our communities, we may love Islam, but we don’t really love our own community. Certain things are set up in a way in which basically shun away Muslims because they are struggling with their Eman, that make mistakes, or are just new to the scene. He also mentioned the importance of giving khutbahs in the language of the locality, and how Abu Hanifah actually had an opinion that allowed praying in another language and therefore that just as well can and should be applied to our khutbahs here in the US, especially for the youth. It was really enlightening.

Friday night was the next event, a Ramadan Revival talk at UIC. It was MAS Youth’s first UIC event (I think) and nicely done, mashaAllah. Imam Suhaib gave a 45 minute talk on Ramadan and how it acts as the month to clean up your mistakes from the other 11 months. Other attendees benefitted as well.


Br. Jibran Syed said he benefitted from the bit on Ramadan & Eid through the eyes of a convert. “Ramadan and Eid are the only Muslim holidays compared to the so many they had when they weren’t Muslim. Yet many times the don’t have anyone to spend it with because their families are still not Muslim.” Imam Suhaib stressed to make sure our convert brothers and sisters have a place to go on Eid. May Allah make it easy for them.

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Br. Mahin Islam recalled, “if one is following a madhab, they should look at other opinions if there is a maslaha in those issues. For example, it is harder to gain khushoo in salaah if one is not looking down, yet the Maliki opinion is to look straight forward in salaah. He said to forego the Maliki opinion if one is Maliki and to look down. Also if you are Hanafi and pray behind an Imam, you should still recite something silently even though it is not the opinion of the school because one can lose concentration easily if one is just standing there silent and not engaged.”

Imam Suhaib’s talk also stressed importance on change during Ramadan. “He also said to keep a Diary for Spiritual Development and Self-Auditing and to focus on one bad habit to break this Ramadan, such as useless talk, gheeba, or eating too much,” Mahin said.

The next day on Saturday morning, Imam Suhaib held a Ramadan Intensive Course at UIC. Umm Mohammad said, “we (my children and I) learned about balancing Islamic activism and piety. My children pointed out that they have a better understanding of tazkiyah.”

Alhumdulillah, Chicago had a nice time and benefitted from Imam Suhaib. Look forward to seeing him again inshaAllah!

Taha Ahsan