Since 2005, Qabeelat Wasat, the AlMaghrib Tribe of Chicago, has consistently provided the community with university-level Islamic seminars every 2-3 months, each attended by more than 200 students.

We strive to offer nothing but the best, and the desire to maintain this high standard in all our classes is why we are reaching out to you with this exciting opportunity to become a Wasat Sponsor.

This is an opportunity to simultaneously connect Muslims to the services and products you offer, and to their faith. What we offer our students is virtually irreplaceable, and is the product of tireless dedication from dozens of volunteers. Your support will directly translate into more scholarships, more resources, and more opportunities for students, as well as broader exposure for your business.

Interested? Please email Alysha Khan at ameerah.wasat@almaghrib.org.

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