Some Small Updates

Our website has updated a bit. Here’s how…

A New Look… Kinda

The look to the website is a bit modified? Can you tell? Probably not, because we haven’t given it a complete overhaul. Instead, the design has evolved just a bit. This tends to be how QWasat operates, always evolving to improve ourselves.

QWasat Forums RSS Feed

We’ve managed a way to bring the Qabeelat Wasat folder from the AlMaghrib Forums a little bit more life with an integrated RSS feed from the forums. The AlMaghrib Forums run off of vbulletin which comes with RSS. While the forums’ RSS feeds are being set up, we found a way to grab the RSS from them and provide a feed for them in the sidebar. If you want the RSS for your Google Reader or Firefox bookmarks, use this URL:

AlMaghrib HQ Updates Feed

On the same note as the Forums’ RSS feed, we’ve also added an RSS feed for updates based on AlMaghrib’s official blog. You can see if they’ve updated anything right here on our site.

As always, keep visiting back for all your QWasat needs.

Taha Ahsan