Shaykh Yusuf Estes Tours Chicago

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This panoramic picture from the Islamic Foundation basement on February 9th, 2008 is from an event that kicked off Shaykh Yusuf Estes’ week-long tour of Chicago. He hit up a number of different venues and locations, giving khutbahs, speaking at masjids, universities, and even serving as keynote speaker for a fundraising dinner.

One of the biggest events of the week was his event at Islamic Foundation in Villa Park entitled Islam: Blind Belief Or Rational Evidence? It was a blow out event with a massive turn out, alhumdulillah. People drove all the way from Wisconsin to attend. The event was sponsored by ICNA-Chicago and WhyIslam. You can view more pics from the event by clicking on the image below.


Other events with Shaykh Yusuf included university venues, such as College of DuPage, Elgin Community College, and Benedictine University. Students and MSA organizers alike enjoyed Sh. Yusuf’s speech and had positive things to say.

Speaking to a generally Muslim crowd, Sheikh Yusuf Estes broke down the ten commandments and sold that fact that fear in God is what sets standards for human existence.
Sami Haque, Carol Stream, IL

MSAs, such as Benedictine University’s, were delighted to have Sh. Yusuf make an appearance and give a talk. Benedictine University MSA was having their annual Islam Awareness Week, and having Sh. Yusuf in town was just the ideal opportunity to bring in another successful event to their IAW line up, brining in dozens of students from Benedictine University and beyond.

Alhamdulilah, I think the impact it had on non-Muslims was great and really made them think.
Naveed Husain, Benedictine University student, Glendale Heights, IL

Sh Yusuf has an interesting and entertaining way of getting the truth of Islam to the people. The event was not only informative, but I had a great time. The hummus was good too.
AbdelRahman Murphy, UIC student, Lombard, IL

On his last day in the Chi, Hijabis In The Hood held Shaykh Yusuf for a talk at MCC entitled “The Woman’s Role In Dawah.” Now that’s an awesome topic, mashaAllah and a lot of sisters were excited for it. Really, we need more programs to cater to our sisters like the one on Sunday. For more on Hijabis In The Hood, visit their website at

May Allah [swt] bless Shayk Yusuf for his work and allow Chicago to benefit more from people like him.

Taha Ahsan