Over 900 Attend IlmFest 2008 in New York

Remember the hype and feeling of the having an upcoming IlmFest in Chicago back in 2006, and the excitement of finishing it, going home with a great feeling? Our brothers and sisters in New York just experienced that this past weekend with IlmFest 2008. Check out pics from day one of their monster event:


What’s awesome about IlmFest 2008 was that Imam Siraj Wahaj was one of the speakers. Imam Siraj is a legend in Dawah in the US, and to have him coupled with the sick line up of Yasir Qadhi, Waleed Basyouni, AbdulBary Yahya, and Mohammed Faqih, really must have made the event sensational. There was even a video by Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef with a tribute to Imam Siraj that was played. Pics from Day 2:


May Allah SWT grant success to all Qaba’il and continue to keep AlMaghrib Institute the #1 Islamic sciences student body in North America and beyond.

Taha Ahsan


  1. MashaAllah. Looks like we all missed out on a great event! =(

    It’s cool seeing all those teachers in one gathering. Tayybah is cool!

  2. Speaking in the same hall that Ibrahim Lincoln spoke in ages ago, very historic. 🙂

  3. If they have another IlmFest that’s close by we should hit it up, inshaAllah. QWasat road trip, baby!

  4. We should reclaim ILMFest in Chicago and do it in the summer at Millenium Park.

  5. That’d be sweet. But have fun figuring out parking with all the Desis in Chicagoland. IlmFest at Rosemont was crazy enough!

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