Mommy ‘Ilmification with Baby Accommodation

ibn_aqib_800.jpgWe did something a little different at The Shepherd’s Path with our awesome new venue, and the mommies loved it!

A separate room was provided with live audio and PowerPoint feed, allowing the mommies to care for their loud or fussy babies without missing chunks of the class.

When asked about the new accommodations, former Wasat Ameerah, Olivia Kompier, said, “It was awesome! Really great, Alhamdulilah, I enjoyed it. And it was of immense benefit to a lot of people. Before, with my daughter, I couldn’t leave her with babysitters because of her anxiety with strangers, and now, nursing my son, I need to keep him near me.”

A lot of mothers experience this frustration, of loving these classes, and wanting to truly benefit from them, yet leaving periodically to care for their children, thereby receiving the knowledge only piecemeal. This took away from the experience of the Almaghrib class, reputably known for its professional learning environment, and dynamic teaching styles.


The people who need this Ilm the most, the ones responsible to carry this knowledge onto their children, can obtain it while responding to the call of maternal duties, a crying baby. This way, they may enrich their babies’ lives with Islamic environments which their fitrah craves, and have a great opportunity to learn and grow.

“Every mom came and did her own thing. They spread their blankets, set out coloring books, nursed easily when they needed to, and took notes. The mothers and babies just chilled, knowing they could relax undisturbed, and not disrupting the rest of the class.”

Make dua that we can maintain such awesome mommy and baby-friendly options for quality Ilm-gain! Insha’Allah, next time we can make it even better, with activities for the kids to occupy their time. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please comment, you will definitely be heard!

Taha Ahsan


  1. Ma shaa Allah, that’s a really amazing idea! BarakAllahu feekum for starting it, I sincerely hope Qabeelat Wasat isn’t the first and the last to implement such a wonderful accomodation for the ilm seeking sisters who also happen to be mothers.

    Jazakumullahu khairan for sharing.

  2. That room was really clutch alhumdlillah. I’ve heard of some solid babysitting from other Qabeelats, but I really think ours was the most unique. May Allah help us to do a good job on babysitting time and time again!

  3. yes indeed…Wasat’s babysitting ideas ROCK!!! Alhamdulellah, it was very successful.
    May Allah (swt) help us provide such accommodations to all of the mommies who seek ‘ilm through Almaghrib’s classes…iA.

  4. bismillah. mashaAllah, la quwwata illa billah. this is a very good achievement. and one idea that other qabeelahs should adopt. so please explain the details here or in the forums.

    by details, i mean for example, did you merely explain to the people who own/operate the site what you wanted, and they made it possible? did you have to run audio and video cables between the rooms? was the audio transmitted wirelessly, on closed circuit, podcast, or what?

    alhamdolillah, after hearing of wasat’s accomplishment (and didn’t tayybah do this, too, at some point?), i suggested it to our qabeelah’s staff members in charge of the classroom and facilities. but they need more information on how to put this into practice.

    jazak Allah khayr.

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