Love Notes Back In Chicago

happyheartjumpingEvery once in a while, I get asked a question over and over again. “When is Love Notes coming to Chicago?” I would always that we already got the class, but maybe one day it’ll be back inshaAllah.

Lo and behold, our next class is Love Notes inshaAllah!

The famous class on Marriage and Family Life in Islam taught by Yaser Birjas is coming October 16-18, 2009 at Hamburger University in Oak Brook, IL.

Aren’t you happy? Probably as happy as the jumping heart here.

This class is for those who are:

  • Single
  • Married
  • Katb Al-Kitab
  • Newlywed
  • Divorced

Basically, it’s for everyone! Whether you’re looking to find that special someone, you’re already married, or even were once married and things didn’t work out. This class is full of benefit for all no matter their situation!

So what’re you waiting for? Register!

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