Info Leaked About Sacred Scrolls

ss_preview.JPGSalaam alaykum everyone,

Take a look at the break-down for Sacred Scrolls, the upcoming one-weekend seminar with Imam Suhaib Webb and Yasir Qadhi on July 18-20.

Instructor Scheduling

  1. Friday night 7pm to 10pm: Imam Suhaib Webb
  2. Saturday 10am to 7pm: Imam Suhaib Webb
  3. Sunday 10am to 7pm: Shaykh Yasir Qadhi

Chapters are as follows

  • Introduction: Life of Imam an Nawawi
  • Chapter 1: Imam an-Nawawi’s advice for seeking knowledge
  • Chapter 2: The ahadeeth

I just saw the slides, and I have to say, this is going to be a seriously emotional class, subhanAllah. Just looking at what was on the slides was enough. If you want a turning point event for a lot of Muslims, both practicing and nonpracticing, this is it.

To register for this class you will regret missing, click here.

Taha Ahsan


  1. I am so excited for this…driving all the way from Michigan.

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