Guess where Light Upon Light is going to be held

hamburger_u.jpgJune 13th is approaching. FAST. And many AlMaghrib students from Chicagoland and beyond may be wondering, “where is this next seminar with Yasir Qadhi going to be held???”

The answer to your question is Hamburger University, home to McDonald’s corporate training facility and a lot of interesting sites. Last year in May 2007, Qabeelat Wasat held The Code Evolved: Evolution of Fiqh taught by Shaykh Yaser Birjas at Hamburger U.

This year Qabeelat Wasat returns to the University of Big Macs for Light Upon Light, Aqeedah 102, taught by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi.

Some interesting issues arise as a result of holding an Islamic studies course at such a location. Will McDonald’s methodology work for our Islamic values?

“Do you believe in magic?”
As Muslims, yes we do, and AlMaghrib students know this well from Shaykh Yasir’s Aqeedah 101 class, Light of Guidance. We also know magic is a major sin; Muslims never involve in it, learn it, or come near it.

“We love to see you smile.”
It’s Sunnah to smile, right? After all, the Prophet (SAW) said that smiling is a form of charity.

Finally, after taking an AlMaghrib seminar, especially one with Shaykh Yasir Qadhi, we’re confident that you’ll be coming out of the two weekends with a Super Size EmanRush, a double filet ‘ilm increase, and if anyone asks you about Islam, you’ll just say…

I'm lovin' it

See y’all at the class inshaAllah. 🙂

Taha Ahsan


  1. InshaAllah, I expect to see some very “meaty” Q&A 😉

  2. Maybe we can sell shirts like the one above. It would probably be a great hit, and gear up some money for Wasat?

  3. Asalaamu ALaykum,

    We should convince McDonald’s to start selling biryani or at least try it out in their training facility!

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