Free Friday Night for The Shepherds Path

free.jpgAssalaamu alaykum Chicago,

Tonight is a free Friday night session for The Shepherd’s Path, AlMaghrib’s seminar on the life of the Prophet Muhammad, sal Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam. That’s right, absolutely free. This is perfect for anyone who’s unsure if they want to attend the full seminar and want a preview of the first bit of the class to see if it’s something they’d be down to sign up for.

Or maybe you’ve heard of AlMaghrib in Chicago and you’ve never actually experienced one of the seminars before. Well this is the perfect opportunity for you. Besides, what better way to spend your Friday night than to benefit from a sneak peak of this awesome class? 😉

The seminar begins at 7pm, and there are over 350 people registered, so you’ll want to get there nice and early. 😀

Driving Directions: Google Maps

Taha Ahsan