Free Friday Night For Light Upon Light

Hey, that rhymed. Anywho, this Friday, June 13th, is the first day of the Light Upon Light seminar in Chicago, inshaAllah. Following with tradition from previous seminars, Free Friday Night is on for this Friday evening. Many people are under the misconception that Free Friday Night no longer occurs, but it’s been there with just a few exceptions. This Friday is no different.

So if you’re already planning to come, why not bring a family member or friend with you for just Friday night? It’s going to be a review of the smash hit Aqeedah 101 course, anyways, so all the more reason to bring someone with.

Driving Directions: click here

Construction on I-88

I-88 heading west from the 290 or the Tri-State 294 junction has some very heavy construction. It would benefit those coming from afar to take this into consideration and to drive with caution. Pay attention to the detour signs and be sure to stay on the right-most lanes that say “CASH AND ROUTE 83”. The lanes should be such that you have to take that route anyway, but keep alert just in case. Here’s the sign you should be following.


Needless to say, you probably won’t miss the signs while stuck in Friday evening traffic, but better safe than sorry. 8)

The Hamburger University Drive-Thru Rush

When you finally make way to Hamburger U, you’ll notice that the entrances may get backed up approximately 10 minutes before class begins at 7pm. Those who came to The Code Evolved: Evolution of Fiqh with Shaykh Yaser Birjas in May 2007 remember this well. 🙂

With the I-88 construction going on as well, leave half an hour earlier and save yourself the stress of trying to make it in last minute. The entrance into the classroom is from the front of the hall, so you don’t wanna be entering in the middle of Aqeedah 101 review!

InshaAllah see you at Hamburger U. Class begins at 7pm so come early!

Taha Ahsan

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  1. Assalaamu Alaikum Qabeelaat Ihsan, Alhamdulillah! This is GREAT news. Those of you who have not attended Al-Maghrib seimnars, you will LOVE them. It is like a money-back-guarantee where you are NEVER disappointed or dissatisfied with the seimnars. You get to earn a WEALTH of knowledge from the EXCELLENT instructors, plus you become one BIG family. Let us hope and pray that this first step in Asia becomes the stepping stone for the whole of Asia. Ameen. May Allah SWT Bless your Qabeelat, and reward Al-Maghrib for its efforts in spreading His Deen. Ameen.

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