Farewell from Siraaj, First Ameer of QWasat

Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaah everyone,

Thank you all for your du’aas, may Allah reward all of you as well for your dedication and hard work, and I ask all of you to forgive me for my shortcomings towards you, particularly during competition time, and HQ too, for letting me stay despite my shortcomings.

My vision for AlMaghrib in Chicago was to establish it in the community with a strongly positive reputation of reliability, quality, and trustworthiness (and, uh, I wanted AlMaghrib classes for myself in my locale, that’s not too much to ask, is it? =).

A couple of months ago, I attended a khutbah at our masjid in Villa Park, one of the largest and well-reputed masjids in the nation. When the khateeb was wrapping up his khutbah, he started encouraging everyone to join into different community programs from the larger local and national organizations, and at the end of the list, to my pleasant surprise – AlMaghrib Institute (that was a signal to me that I had done what I could, it was time to step down and let someone better take it to the next level, insha’Allah.).

That’s both the blessing and mercy of Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aala because of the obstacles that had to be overcome and my own vast shortcomings as a leader (heh, when Danish asked me what I knew about leadership, I was like, uh, I’ve read a lot of books =) ).

So where to now? I’m joining Arees Institute 3 year program, as well as a Qur’aan Hifdh program, and I’m looking for a good program to join for learning Arabic as well, insha’Allah (seriously considering lqtoroto). On the recommendation of Shaykh Muhammad (from a CD set), I’m taking time off and hope to come back stronger and better equipped to help out in the daw’ah, insha’Allah. I’ll be chronicling that journey on my new blog, insha’Allah.

Taking from the example of Khalid ibn Waleed, even though I’m stepping down, I’ll also be volunteering and helping out with what I can under our new ameer =)

Saqib’s going to be an awesome ameer, insha’Allah. Many of you have knowledge, experience, and perspective that I don’t, so please share them with him. Even where you have seen shortcomings in my approach to work, do not hesitate to share that with him, and tell him how that can be improved (and, if you have constructive criticism for me about what I can do to improve myself, please email me at siraaj at gmail dot com, particularly shuyookh who have seen shortcomings in me – the best favor you can do me is offer your critiques so that I can improve myself).

May Allah cause Wasat’s numbers from last year to double and double again under our new Ameer, and accept from him the work he has done, and the work that is to come, and may He make it easy upon him to navigate the difficulties of the job.


Taha Ahsan


  1. Does the cost for this Ilm Summit include food and ligodng as well?I would live to attend this summit. I am a revert to Islam and have been a Muslimah activist, student of knowledge and a dayeeah for more than 36 years. I would like to apply for one of the few remaining seats in this program. I still remain very ACTIVE in Muslim community development here in the NEw York City area for the pleasure of Allah (SWT).

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