Study Material

Want some good study material to do well on your next exam? Here’re some resources to make your reviewing easier.

NOTE: AlMaghrib exams are easy, as long as you review your notes. Don’t be overwhelmed by all the details. Focus on the fundamentals. In other words, don’t just study hard, study smart!

Upcoming Exam Review

Fiqh of Love: Marriage In Islam

  • GIANT notes from Qabeelat Tayybah (New York), 296 pages: Download
  • Medium notes from Qabeelat Majd (Toronto), 107 pages: Download

Previous Exams Review

Beautiful Patience – Tafsir Surah Yusuf

  • GIANT notes from, 374 pages: Download
  • Medium sized notes from students, 99 pages: Download

Divine Link: Fiqh of Salah

  • Written Notes
    • HUGE notes from Qabeelat Hosna (Houston), 133 pages: Download
    • MEDIUM notes from Qabeelat Shams (London, UK) 56 pages: Download
  • Audio Review
    • 8-part series of review from Qabeelat Durbah (New Jersey): Click here

The Purification Act

  • Project Professional Notes from Qabeelay Tayyabah (New York): Download

Love Notes


Precious Provisions

prpr_245x245Here are some incredible notes (with quiz questions) published by Qabeelat Durbah (New Jersey) for Precious Provisions.

rof_notesRays of Faith

Here are notes for Rays of Faith courtesy of Qabeelat Hayl, the AlMaghrib tribe of Columbus, OH. Each file is a PDF file you can print out to review with.

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