Cultivation of Character – talk by Shaykh Ibrahim Zidan

sh_ibrahim_zidan_deen_show.JPGShaykh Ibrahim Zidan came to Chicago this month and gave a lecture at Islamic Center of Naperville (ICN) on cultivating the Muslim’s tarbiyyah and akhlāq. Brothers and sisters who attended said it was excellent, and the Shaykh’s knowledge gave everyone something to go home and reflect on.

“Most khateebs and students of knowledge use the same evidences to prove the same points,” one attendee of the lecture said. “So when you’re listening to the lecture, you generally know the evidences that are being told because you’ve heard them before.”

“But some of the Ahadīth he said in this lecture I’ve never seen used. That’s what happens when you sit with someone who has ijāzah in the 6 books of Hadīth. 🙂 ”

You can listen to the lecture below. Or download for your own listening pleasure below inshaAllah.

[audio:] [Download | 35.6MB | 78 mins]

Taha Ahsan


  1. Subhan’ALLAH this is a very beautiful duroos. i think you could have found a better picture of the sheikh though, lol
    Jazak ALLAHu khairun

  2. Hallo sir,

    Since you have the knowledge about islam, i want to invite you to our show to call in and explane what islam has to offer to the world. Every night we host a live show at 8:00 PM (EST) time all are welcome to watch and call: USA 818-813-6528 Canada 226-444-2402
    I hope to hear from you tonight or very soon. May God bless you and your family. Amien

  3. Asalaam AlaikumMashallah this is an excellent ottprounipy for Muslims in Malaysia to take these excellent seminars. I have been to one myself and I have to say hands down that it was the best weekend I have had in a very long time Alhumdulillah. You learn so much and the environment is really nice. Calm and relaxing. If you have the ottprounipy you should 100% go and don’t let this ottprounipy go.

  4. Én, aki húsz éve nem kukoricázik, eddig bírtam … Készítenem kellett egy olyat, amit hoztál a próbafÅ‘zésre 🙂 Akkor mondtam is, hogy ez áttörés, nem is tudtam, hogy szeretem a kukoricát. Most meg függÅ‘ leszek? 🙂 Azt persze mindig mondani szoktam, hogy az ember ízlése hétévente változik, na de ennyire?Köszi a receptet!

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