About Qabeelat Wasat


Qabeelat Wasat is the Chicago division of AlMaghrib Institute.

Each city AlMaghrib offers classes in is called a Qabeelat, or tribe in Arabic, and the Windy City’s tribe is known as Wasat. Qabeelat Wasat is unlike any other Qabeelat. Our classes are a blast, and instructors enjoy the atmosphere our students create when being taught the beauty of Islam. Must be a Chicago thing.

Every four months or so, AlMaghrib Institute brings one of its phenomenal seminars to Chi-town. Over a hundred students fill up the classrooms, eager to learn about Islam and improve their lives. The result is something beautiful that is unique to any other event in Chicago; hundreds of people gathering for an entire weekend increasing their Eman and seeking to be closer to Allah (SWT). Tears are shed and lives are changed.

Sound like something you’d be down for?

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